There are several ways you can go to Temple of Leah but the 2-common ways are using your own private vehicle and thru publicly commuting. Well of course, you’d always find your way if you’re using your own vehicle so let’s talk a little bit more on how to go there commuting by public transportation. Nevertheless, commuting is more adventurous and will make us happy (save more money). Let us make JY Square Mall as our reference since it is the the nearest well-known establishment nearby Temple of Leah.

However, If you are not from Cebu City or not yet familiar with the streets, one can commute using public Jeepney route no. 04L from Cebu City proper to JY Square Mall. Although there are many alternative routes out there but this is so far the best I can recommend to you because it will travel from JY Square Mall Lahug to Ayala Center to SM City and vice versa, all major shopping mall of Cebu City.

    1. Directions from JY Square Mall to Temple of Leah (Commute):
      • Once you are in JY Square Mall, just approach any motorcycle-for-hire (also known as “Habal-Habal”). They normally charge P50/head one-way for their services.
      • Be sure that you and the driver have come to an agreement on how much the fare is before hopping on for the trip.
      • Warning: Some drivers may try to take advantage from you – “charging more than usual”. If by chance you’ll encounter these type of drivers, just move away and find a more noble motorcycle driver, there are lots of them!

    2. Directions from JY Square Mall to Temple of Leah by Taxi (Not recommended):
      • You can also ride a taxi but the trip won’t be metered, but “pakyaw.”  Most cab drivers who agree on going up the highlands would ask for fixed fare of around 800Php roundtrip.
    3. Directions from JY Square Mall to Temple of Leah by Private Vehicle:
      • Just follow the route from the map below, easy!
      • You’ll know when it”s time to turn left when you reach and see the signage Lantaw(Turn Left)

Lantaw Signage to Temple of Leah

Directions from JY Square Mall to Temple of Leah

Temple of Leah Visiting Hours:

Opens daily from 6 a.m. and close at 11 p.m

Temple of Leah Parking Fees:

P100 inside the premises but it's Free if parked outside. However, only a limited slots is available.

Temple of Leah Entrance Fees:

P50 pesos per head (Below 10 years old are FREE)