How can I go there? What vehicle can enter that place?
  • You can go to Temple of Leah Cebu by commuting using public transport, private vehicle or Taxi. For detailed guide and instruction, please visit: Guides & Directions to Temple of Leah

How much does Habal-Habal (Motorcycles) charge?
  • Normally habal-habal drives will charge around P50/head. But some drivers will charge P75/head, it depends on how good negotiator you are. (Oh common man’, What’s P25 difference? give them a break once in awhile. Share your blessings! )
Is the place accessible by Car? Is there a Parking space?
  • Yes, it is accessible by car. Parking space is available too inside the premises but there is parking fee of P100. You may park your car outside for FREE but only a limited slots are available. For more further details, you may this Link.
  • Parking lot view outside Temple of Leah, Cebu City:

Temple of Leah Parking Space Outside

What time does the Temple of Leah starts to open and closes? Does it open on Sundays?
  • Temple of Leah is open from 6 a.m. and close at 11 p.m
Where is JY Square Mall? We are not from Cebu City and we want to know how to get there.
  • JY Square Mall is located at Lahug Cebu City. If you are not from Cebu City, it is recommended that you take a taxi from your point of origin going to JY Square Mall. However, if you’are feeling adventurous, you may ride a Public Jeepney route. no. 04L from any of these landmarks – SM Mall, Ayala Center and/or Cebu City proper going to JY Square Mall. Please check our detailed guide HERE.
Are there Taxis willing to take us to Temple of Leah? Any idea how much they normally charge?
  • Yes, there are taxis that are willing to bring you to Temple of Leah but don’t expect it will be on metered rate but “pakyaw”. The taxi drivers may ask between P800 to P1,500 (depends on your origin) but more than that? better think twice.